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About Investor Mama

Welcome to the Investor Mama Podcast, a community for mom’s and aspiring moms on the journey to financial independence. This is a judge free zone where you can post questions, share your struggles and your wins in the Comments Section and learn as we grow together! I have some awesome guests that I hope will educate you on making better financial decisions, inspire you to make changes, and motivate you to stay on your path.

There is a true lack of financial literacy out there and a real need for mom’s to be better educated on personal finance. As busy as we are and with as many roles we play to our family,friends, and community, having our financial house in order is important for the future generations behind us. If we aren’t properly educated on ways to improve our, how can we expect our children to make good decisions with their money. Life is short and should be lived to its fullest but it takes smart financial decisions to do it right for you and your family.

Whether you are in debt, financially free, or somewhere in between, this podcast is for you.

Meet The Host

Jen Narciso is a wife, mom, a daughter, grand daughter, real estate investor, business owner, and project manager. In all of these roles, Jen loves helping others set their financial goals and guide them to the resources they need to make more informed financial decisions. She initially started Investor Mama to help answer questions from her friends and family on saving, investing, increasing income, getting out of debt, and how to keep their money. She decided to expand her reach and help as many people as she can by providing content for those also on the path to financial independence. By sharing the stories, challenges, and wins of others, she wants to give hope that anyone can achieve their financial goals. All it takes is education and motivation to lead to action. 

In her spare time, Jen loves reading, listening to podcasts, and talking with others on anything related to increasing  income and net worth. She wants as many moms and aspiring moms as possible to have financial freedom for themselves and their families. They should have the ability to create meaningful memories when they want want , with whom they want, and where they want. Jen also loves to travel with her family and immerse herself in new cultures.



Disclaimer: Jen is not a financial adviser, CPA, attorney, or any other profession that gives financial advice. Jen is just obsessed with the concept of financial freedom, loves learning about the topic, and connecting with others on their own path. She shares her own journey and opinions and the journy of others for those who are interested. 

Jen Narciso

Jen Narciso


New Episodes!

New episodes released every Thursday.

Every week tune in to hear my amazing guests share their money stories and provide you with tips on reaching your financial goals. Topics include real estate strategies, owning businesses, money tips, frugal hacks, and many more to help educate, inspire, and motivate you on your own financial journey.

Bonus episodes released on Tuesdays when available

Short 10-15 minute bonus episodes for those of you on the go. These episodes focus on work-life balance, being present with your family, and ideas for engaging your kids around financial education.

Want to be a guest?

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Want to have a huge impact? Have an awesome money story to share? Want to help others and their families reach their financial goals?  Like to have laid back conversations? Then click here to sign up to be on the Investor Mama Podcast. I promise, you won’t regret it!




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Check out the Investor Mama Podcast on all major podcast stations! Subscribe, leave a review (only good ones…j/k), and share with others who would benefit from listening. I hope you are inspired to take action and get your own financial house in order. If it is already in order, stay the course, you can do it! Don’t forget there is a community of others that are hear to help you carve your own financial freedom path.



Recent Episodes

Collaborating with Clients


Season 2, Episode 4    |    38min

Investor Mama Podcast: Trailer

Welcome to the Investor Mama Podcast, money conversations with a mom’s touch. Your host Jen Narciso, interviews amazing guests each week to help educate, inspire, and motivate you on your own wealth-building journey. They will educate you on making better financial decisions, inspire you to take action, and motivate you to stay on your path. You can hear their money stories and how they got to where they are today.

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