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Want to make some extra stable income each month? Want real money and not just a few dollars here and there taking surveys or opening up credit cards?


Check out these awesome side hustles and new career/business paths that are great even for busy moms. Build your talent stack of skills so no matter what economy we are in or what’s going on with COVID-19, you will be able to not only provide for your family, but thrive!


Mamas Talk Money: The Legacy You Leave on Money

Mama, now is the time to start planning your legacy.
 Mamas Talk Money: The Legacy You Leave will inspire and transform moms who are ready take charge of their financial future, define wealth for themselves, and raise kids who have a thriving, values-centered relationship with money.

 Jump-Start Your SalesForce career for free with a 5-day challnege

 If your looking for an exciting new career that’s high paying and allows you to stay at home, then definitely consider getting certified as a Salesforce Admin. This profession is a hidden gem allowing you to earn serious income with time flexibility. You don’t need a college degree or prior education, and can quickly get certified in only a few months.

Free Salesforce 5-Day Challenge


Learn More about  Starting An Etsy Side Hustle Selling Printables

Ready to start your printables journey?

Create a new income stream with an online business working from wherever you want, whenever you want! Who wouldn’t love to get paid to play on ETSY?




Facebook Ad Course


Learn a simple step-step plan for earning an extra $1,000-$2,000 a month running Facebook Ads for local businesses. It doesn’t take a ton of time and you can use this extra money to pay off debts, create a family emergency fund, invest in your future, or do the things you love. I’ve personally purchased this course and cannot speak highly enough about it!


Make Money w/ FB Ads

Launch a Podcast


Ever thought about launching a podcast but don’t know where to begin, or afraid of how you’d sound? Check out this Podcaster Pro Course. I personally went through it and it was amazing. It helped me professionalize Investor Mama to a whole new level. I’d highly encourage you to check this course if you’ve ever had any interest in starting a podcast. You can build a great business with the right tools and resources.


 Launch a Podcast


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