Episode #91: How to Teach Your Kids To Manage Money At Any Age with Dee from Kids Money Academy

Check out this week’s episode with Dee from Kids Money Academy. It is part 1 of 2 and you won’t want to miss it as Dee shares how she answer’s common money questions kids ask. In part 1, Dee takes a deep dive on how she teaches her kids to manage their own money starting at age 3. She is phenomenal and provides an amazing framework for parents who want to establish an investing, growth, and abundance mindset for their kids.

Episode #83: How This Mama Went from Powerhouse Corporate Attorney to Work Optional Through Real Estate Investing with Natalie Teramoto

Check out this week’s episode where you’ll hear Natalie Teramoto’s money story. She shares how she used a tragedy to revamp her money plan and become work optional using real estate. She had a cushy corporate job but still decided to jump ship to create the life she always dreamed. You won’t want to miss it!