Episode #66: Out of State Real Estate Investing Speed Bumps and Infertility Journey with Maria Ho from Goals Wonders Fire

Check out this week’s episode with Maria Ho from Goals Wonders Fire where she shares her journey with out of state investing and lessons learned. Anyone thinking about out of state investing will want to give this a listen. Maria also opens up about her infertility journey and other health issues she faced along the way. She’s amazing so tune in!

Episode #58: Credit Inequalities Against Women and How to Combat Them with Vrinda Gupta

Credit Power Hour: Your Questions Answered! Ever wonder how to make the most of your credit? You’ll hear Sequin’s CEO and founder Vrinda Gupta’s best tips for building and using credit to your advantage. Sequin has talked with hundreds of women about their experience using credit cards — we’ll bust myths and give you action-oriented tips to build your confidence around all things credit. Vrinda is also the product manager for the team that built the Chase Sapphire Reserve at Visa and got rejected when applying for her own card! You won’t want to miss this episode!