Episode #77: How to Live a Life Where You Can Pack Your Bags and Move Your Family to Costa Rica with Becca Hintergardt

This episode was so much fun to record! Becca shares her money story from house hacking to passive income via syndications. She also shares lessons learned on her real estate journey. Even with some bumps along the way, Becca and her family created the lifestyle they wanted and picked up and moved to Costa Rica. She shares how she did it and how you can do it too and live the life you want!

Episode #75: What’s Going on with the Economy and What You Can Do To Thrive with Joseph Hogue, CFA and Investment Expert at Let’s Talk Money on YouTube

Wondering what’s going on with the US’s economy? Hearing terms like inflation, stagflation, recession, but not really sure what they mean? Check out this week’s episode with Joseph Hogue, CFA where he breaks it all down. We talk about everything from a macro level all the way down to how to launch a book. He also shares how to set yourself up for success during uncertain times. You won’t want to miss it.

Episode #72: Simple Ways to Adventure in Your Own Backyard with Heidi Dusek From Ordinary Sherpa

Check out this week’s episode where I interview my good friend Heidi Dusek from Ordinary Sherpa. Heidi shares how she creates adventures with her family that don’t have to cost a lot of money or any money for that money. She has created the mindset of how to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. You won’t want to miss the nuggets she shares and some cool free resources too!