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Meet Ali 


Ali Kafie is a financial advisor who helps empower home managers to manage their finances and manage their homes to achieve financial independence and the peace of mind they deserve.


Ali is a Bachelor of Science and Letters from Sampedrana International School and has a Bachelor of Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Born on March 17, 1980 in Honduras, Ali is married, has four children, and after her family, her passion is to be able to create an impact on the lives of the people she helps.


Ali is part of the Vital Voices Program and currently offers one-on-one basic support sessions for managing your personal finances, business workshops, and conferences. To date I have worked with Women Entrepreneurs, companies such as Lacthosa, Banco Ficohsa, Terra Group, Chamer Industries, Flores Corporation, AHIBA, Dinant, Lotto, and others.


Tips for Optimizing Your Food Budget


1. Put together a grocery budget before you leave the house

2. Create a menu for the week and write down your grocery items on a list.

You want to have list because so that you don’t buy things that you really don’t need, and that could increase your grocery budget.

2. Don’t eat out as much to cut costs and to be healthier.

3. Meal prep for the week so that you have leftovers.

Some meal ideas include pancakes, baleada (it’s similar to a tortilla and you put beans, avocado, eggs, and cheese.), cereal, and milk for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, you can do chicken and rice, spaghetti and meatballs, sauteed veggies with a protein, grape leaves, and grilled chicken, fish, or meat.

4. Buy in bulk to save


Other Money Saving Tips 

1. Use a budget to curb your spending

2. Pay yourself first and automate it

3. Track your expenses.  There are apps to help you with this such as Mint and Wally

4.  Teach these tips to your kids to pass it on.


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