Welcome to Investor Mama

I’m extremely excited to launch the Investor Mama podcast, blog and community. It has been a dream of mine to help other mom’s on their journey out of debt and to financial freedom. For my first post, I’d like to talk about mindset and behaviors.

These two factors play a very important role as you start your personal finance journey. What is your why? This questions is an extremely important one to answer and you should ask yourself it at least four times. For example, I knew I didn’t want to work a 9-5 job forever.



I wanted more time and flexibility to do things on my terms.


I want to be able to spend more time with my family.


I want to create meaningful memories with them.


I value creating as many memorable memories as I can with people I love while on this planet for such a short period of time.  See how many why’s it took me before I got to my core motivation. This answer may seem like it came to me in two seconds, but I had to spend some serious time by myself reflecting on what matters most to me. Once I had my why, saving and investing are not as daunting. It makes it much easier to stay the course.

As part of this revelation, came the birth of Investor Mama. I hope you enjoy my content and I look forward to getting to know you and your money story!


Your Assignment

After the kids go to bed, sit down in a quiet place for 20 minutes  (I know you are exhausted but do it anyway). Get out a pad and paper, yes I know I’m being old school by asking you to actually hand write something, and answer your Why until your get to your core value and motivation.



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