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Nikki Nicholas is a coach to people who are making their way through life’s toughest challenges, whether that be transitioning in or out of a relationship, changing careers, wanting to let go of debilitating emotions, or feeling stuck in life and wanting to move past it. She focuses on clarifying her clients’ purpose, bolstering their confidence, and building certainty about their future, using 17+ years of knowledge to dissolve the deep-seated subconscious patterns that have been holding them back.

She’s been trained by mentors across Canada and the U.S. and holds notable titles: a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and certifications in Conversational Applied Strategic Hypnosis, SCRUM, Project Management, and RMT Life Coaching. These are the foundations she pulls from to illicit profound change in her clients.

Along with her professional titles, the deepest levels of knowledge she has come from her real-life experience of sitting in meditation for 10+ hours a day, for over a year and a half, to find and release the negative subconscious patterns that were holding her back, along with having done a 180-degree flip in her life’s trajectory back in 2017.

Nikki’s current chapters see her guesting on podcasts, facilitating workshops, and enjoying time with her partner – all while continuously coaching and teaching people everything she knows about the subconscious mind, psychology, spirituality, and life.


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