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Episode #6: All you need to know about 529 plans with Tiffany Grant

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  • We include our daughter in our real estate business. Because the whole point of this is to have more quality time with her.
  • It’s preparation. I bring toys, snacks, and sometimes we have to switch in the room. It’s just life and I hope that doesn’t look too unprofessional to them, but it’s a priority for us. Even if we are driving for dollars and she needs to take a nap, we have a mat for her to sleep on and we will pull over and she will nap because it’s important to have that structure for her.
  • We engage her by telling her this could be your one day and things like that to start educating her now.
  • Being present as a family is really important to me. I think my priorities really shifted when I had my daughter. Honestly,  I really reprioritized my life. I re-evaluated, what’s important to me and my career as wonderful as it is, and as much as I get out of my career, it isn’t as important as my family.
  • We have a college fund set up for her through College Backer and have family and friends to contribute for birthdays and holidays.

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