Hello beautiful Mama. I am super excited to announce that I’ve officially launched the Investor Mama Podcast: Money Conversations with a Mom’s Touch. This has been a true labor of love, but I’m going to get real with you.


It was hard.


Many late nights waking up exhausted and then having to take care of a toddler and newborn. Many times feeling frustrated that I wasn’t doing enough. Many instances feeling unfocused and like a bad mom. Fearful of whether or not it would be any good. Who would want to listen to me talk or read one of my blog posts? Who am I to create something?


You know what?


The podcast is not perfect. It still needs editing. The sound quality could be better. You can tell I’m nervous during my interviews. Even some of my blog articles have grammar errors and my sentence structures aren’t always the best.




It’s out there! It’s out there for the world to consume. I am now a creator. I took an idea and made it a reality. I have reached someone and made their life a little bit better with what I’ve created.


Why am I telling you all of this?


I share this in the hope of inspiring you to do something you love. It may be difficult, it may not be perfect, but it’s yours. The feeling of just going after something you love and then making it a reality is so gratifying and I want you to experience it. Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing beyond your limits is extremely rewarding and I want that for you. You deserve it.


Something I constantly have to remind myself is


You can’t “fix” something that you haven’t even started and don’t let perfection stop you from implementing.

I can go back and re-edit the episodes I aired. I can go back and edit my articles. I can update my website. However, if I was still “thinking” about Investor Mama, I could be “thinking” about it for another year, and then what? I would not have been able to meet the amazing guests I interviewed. I would not have had access to some really cool experiences. I would have always wondered what could have been. I would not have made a difference in anyone’s life.


If you have an idea that you are stewing on, I beg you to take one baby step to figure out a way to turn that idea into a reality. It may not be perfect, heck it may not even be good at first, but that’s okay. It’s yours. If someone does criticize you, that’s wonderful! That means you are making an impact and doing something worthwhile.


Do not let fear and the negative voice in the back of your head prevent you from changing your life.


Embrace your fears, embrace criticism, embrace the good for the great, and embrace the negativity so that you can go out and do something that you really want to do.


Need help taking your baby step?


Join the Investor Mama community and share your goal/dream with the group. It is completely a safe space and a judge free zone. I promise together we will take that first baby step and then the next, and then the next, and so forth until you reach your goal.