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Christine Hsu Noblivest- Investor Mama


Christine is a former R&D product research scientist in the food & beverage Industry turned real estate investor focusing on multifamily properties. She knew fairly early on that corporate life wasn’t the best fit for her. After the first honeymoon year in any new job she had, the excitement quickly wore off with the long hours, highly competitive environment, and unwelcome attitude towards thinking outside of the box. It wasn’t until 11 years and 2 children later in her career, that she finally took action to find another path. In late 2019, she started learning as much as she could about real estate.

By 2020, she was committed to jumping into this business. By that summer, she and her husband sold their primary home and purchased a duplex to house hack. This helped save on housing and living expenses, thus making leaving her job and pursuing real estate investing a slightly less risky endeavor. Along with that transition, she also purchased 4 rental properties in Philadelphia and invested in multifamily and mobile home park syndications across NC, SC, GA, FL and TX.



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