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Brittney Fairweather TRX Capital - Investor Mama

Brittney Fairweather is a Licensed Real Estate Agent who managed to sell her company to institutional buyers. Her journey in the real estate world is an inspiring story of identifying opportunities, adapting to market shifts, and consistently delivering solutions that meet investors’ evolving needs. Despite her unconventional start as a musical theater major, Brittany’s entrepreneurial spirit and listening skills lead her to establish and sell multiple successful companies.

Trixy Castro, TRX Capital - Investor Mama

Trixy Castro is the true definition of the American Dream, showing that hard work and perseverance pay off. The daughter of Cuban immigrants, her parents strove to give her a life that was better than theirs. Growing up at a young age Trixy didn’t at first understand that she had less than those around her. Her mother worked as a live-in caregiver for an affluent family in a suburb of Los Angeles, California.  Living in the family’s guest house, Trixy’s mother worked extremely hard to afford opportunities for her daughter and to expose her to experiences and people that ultimately shaped Trixy into who she is today.

Trixy never took no for an answer and created the means for herself. Trixy is never one to back down even when the odds are against her and this has led to her being a trailblazer in both the real estate and finance industries.  She has also taken those early life lessons and experiences and dedicated herself to providing mentorship for young adults passionate about entering business fields that have historically been underserved; in addition, through philanthropic organizations, she invests time into creating more widespread opportunities for children who aspire towards entrepreneurship.


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