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Anne Lester - Investor Mama

Anne is on a mission to help rising leaders save smart and retire happy—on their time and target.

No one is more qualified. Most recently, Anne spent 20 years as Head of Retirement Solutions for J.P. Morgan. With AARP, she co-founded The Aspen Leadership Forum on Retirement Savings. In 2020, Anne was recognized for her extraordinary lifetime contributions to Americans’ economic security with the prestigious Ray Lillywhite Award.

A top-rated speaker and emcee, Anne addresses the under-45 crowd as well as professional audiences (like P&I, NAPA, Wharton, plus financial firms and their clients,).

Anne is also a media commentator with coverage from the likes of Bloomberg TV, Barron’s, CNBC, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times. Barron’s featured Anne on their cover for her outstanding career.  She is working on a new book to help younger savers find long-term savings success by overcoming their behavioral biases, Your Best Financial Life: Save Smart Now for the Future You Want (William Morrow, 2024).

Anne earned an M.A. in international economics and Japan studies from Johns Hopkins and a B.A. from Princeton. She was awarded a Fulbright Graduate Research Fellowship.

Anne and her husband have two children—a Gen Z-er and a Millennial—who are working to become retirement-ready.

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