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Danielle is the co-founder of Boomer Benefits, a health insurance agency that helps baby boomers and seniors navigate Medicare in 48 states. She and her team have helped more than 50,000 beneficiaries with their Medicare decisions since 2005.

Named the 2019 Health Insurance Advisory Firm of the Year, her agency has more than half a million social media followers and over 5,000 five-star reviews online.

She is a National Social Security Advisor Certificate holder, member of the Forbes Finance Council, and past president of the Fort Worth chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters.

Lightning Round

1. What is one fun fact about you that not that many people know?

I’m a total fan of horror, novels, and movies. I love any type of show that scares me.


2. Who inspires you the most and why?

My favorite historical figure is John Adams, who was the second president of the US. There’s a great eight-part series that came out a few years ago about him. Some of the neat things about back then when we were negotiating with other nations in Europe, to try to gain our independence, John Adams went to France to negotiate and his wife, Abigail, was at home raising their children. She could go a year without even knowing if he made it across the ocean. They were apart for two and three years at a time because he was sacrificing everything he could to give America a chance.

We do hard things sometimes to get where we want to in life. If you ever feel like you’re doing something hard now, and then you look at what those people went through and being separated from their loved ones, taking a ship across the sea, that you didn’t even know if you’ll make it or not. You don’t know for months if your husband even made it because you’ve got to wait for him to get the mail a letter and for it to come back. I think that inspiration from all of the people in the American Revolution is just. awesome.  I love reading about it.


3. What books are you reading now or have read and loved that you’d recommend?

I love that anything written by Stephen King, those are some of the best books in the world.

Never Split the Difference, Negotiating as If Your Life Depended on It, by Chris Voss.

4. What is one actionable tip or piece of advice that you can tell our moms out there to help them on their financial independence journey?

I think as a mom, you have such a great opportunity to shape the future world. of financial independence. You can do this by talking to your kids early about the concept of money and educating them on the value of hard work and money that’s earned.

I can remember specifically, my brother asked my mom something and she said, well, you can just write a check. She sat us down and showed us the checkbook. She showed us her paycheck. She showed us her bank account and explained how, when she writes a check that money’s actually coming out and it only goes a certain limit. There’s a point where it’s zero.

We were small kids when she showed us that and it totally affected everything about our world financial view. It’s absolutely one of the reasons why I run a business today as an entrepreneur with 57 employees because my own parents taught me the value of a hard-earned dollar. You have no idea the impact that may have, that little ripple that you put out there from that one stone that you toss, and how many people in the world might be affected by the financial independence you give your own kids by teaching them that early. I think moms, especially a parent, actually both parents, but moms have such a great opportunity to impact the world that way.

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