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Kim Ransom is a serial entrepreneur in Pittsburgh, PA with experience launching many successful ventures grossing seven figures and impacting lives in the kids’ fitness industries.


Key Take-Aways

  • Step 1: Take inventory of your loans. You can put it in a spreadsheet to lay it out.
  • Step 2: Kim paid off all of the accrued interest first so she knew that going forward, all of her payments, even if they were small, would be going towards principal on these loans.
  • Step 3: Then she paid off all of the unsubsidized loans with the highest interest rates.
  • Step 5: Kim paid off all of the unsubsidized loans with the lowest interest rates next.
  • Step 6: Kim paid off the subsidized loans with the highest rates.
  • Step 7: Kim finally paid off the subsidized loans with the lowest interest rates.

Lightning Round

1. What is one fun fact about you that not that many people know?

The veins on the side of my right foot spell my name.

2. Who inspires you the most and why?

I don’t have gurus, but my kids inspire me to be better because I don’t want to let them down or limit their future.

3. What books are you reading now or have read and loved that you’d recommend?

Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

When to Jump: If the Job You Have Isn’t the Life You Want by Michael Lewis

Profit First for Microgyms: A Simple System for Healthy Cashflow by John Briggs

4. What is one actionable tip or piece of advice that you can tell our moms out there to help them on their financial independence journey?

Systematize your life girl! You have to take stuff off of your plate that you don’t need to waste time on. But just like paying off student loans and how we manage the household finances, it doesn’t matter how much money you’re putting away. It just matters that you’ve started to put it away and that you’ve built in automated systems that work for your life to guarantee that you’re going to be contributing the 1% or the 2% to whatever it is that keeps you moving forward.


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