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Karen Oeser


Karen Oeser, CFA, CPFC, CFEI
Financial Literacy for Her
Author, Speaker, Coach

Financial Literacy Expert Karen Oeser is driven to help women overcome their money blocks and find the courage to dive into their finances. She bravely shared her story in the #1 Amazon Bestselling Book “Aspire: Women Finding Their Purpose”  to inspire women to reframe the lessons of their past to learn how they can serve others to make the world a better place.


Lightning Round

1. What is one fun fact about you that not that many people know?

I took a year between my freshman and sophomore years of college, and I hitched hike across South America. Afterward, I lived in Northern Brazil, in a village with no running water, or electricity and I learned how to carry dishes on my head.


2. Who inspires you the most and why?

I have a friend, she calls herself the apartment queen. She really inspires me because she currently started a commercial apartment fund. It’s usually very expensive to buy into apartment buildings, but she’s creating a fund, to let women, particularly women who have just gotten out of bad relationships have been abused. Her goal is to arm women So that they don’t have to stay in abusive relationships just for financial purposes.


3. What books are you reading now or have read and loved that you’d recommend?

The Art of Impossible: A Peak Performance Primer by Steven Kotler


4. What is one actionable tip or piece of advice that you can tell our moms out there to help them on their financial independence journey?

I want the one action item to be, get together and do a dream circle with your girlfriends.


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