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In today’s episode, I do something a little different. Typically I do interview-style format with guests, but I’ve been loving all the great questions and comments and feedback from youth, the listeners, the audience that I wanted to take a moment and actually stop and reflect. 

Today’s episode is called Community Corner. I wanted to share some of the wins from the community and some of the questions that I’ve received. I’m going to spend some time devoted to you, and I’d like to start doing this more often. If you do have a question, or if you have a question follow up from one of the guests that you’ve heard, or you have just a win of the week, please share it. Go to I really want to hear from you. I’m not just saying that I want to create a community, a tribe, for people who want to get out of debt, who want to create wealth for their families, generational wealth who want to get out of the rat race who want more and more time or money, whatever that looks like for you and your family. And if it’s just you, why not have more options, have more flexibility with your schedule.

I’m really excited about it. I’m really passionate about this. So anything you want to share, please go to, and I’ll bring it onto the show.


Today’s Episode Format

1. Community win from Nircia
2. A discussion on MLMs (multi-level marketing businesses) from Laura
3. Question from Janire on whether she should pay off her car loan or start investing instead


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