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Laura is a retired CPA and stay-at-home mom for her two girls.  Her husband, Brad, is the co-founder of the ChooseFI podcast.  Laura and Brad reached financial independence at age 36 through diligent savings, highlighted by their move from the high cost of living on Long Island, NY to the lower cost of living in Richmond, Virginia. They also kept their used cars for a LONG time.  Laura loves talking to people about how she saves money for her family on clothing, shopping for her kids, meal planning & saving on groceries, and some of the great ways they’ve used travel rewards to take amazing trips as a family.

Lightning Round

1. What is one fun fact about you that not that many people know?

I love to play board games. We play all the time as a family and have been enjoying Dominion.

2. Who inspires you the most and why?

My parents. They inspire me in the way they live their life. They are still always active, doing things and going places. I hope to be like that as I get older.

3. What books are you reading now or have read and loved that you’d recommend?

Atomic Habits by James Clear

4. What is one actionable tip or piece of advice that you can tell our moms out there to help them on their financial independence journey?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you’re saving on the three main items, housing, cars, and food then don’t worry about spending on the little things or you will stress out. You don’t want deprivation on your way to FI. Enjoy the journey.

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